International Association
for Open Knowledge
on Invasive Alien Species
Individual Member Profile
Dr. Angela Boggero Researcher
National Research Council - Water Research Institute CNR-IRSA
Position in the INVASIVESNET Regular Member
International Council member
Expertise basic research (systematics, biology and biogeography of Diptera Chironomids and Oligochaetes) and applied research (systematic and functional zoology applied to biological monitoring and to the impact of climate change and human activities in high and low altitude river and lake environments)
Expertise Keywords
Macroinvertebrates, freshwaters, biological indicators, chironomids, WFD implementation, monitoring, crayfish, alien species, water quality, climate change, lakes, rivers, eutrophication, acidification, limnology, river ecology, biodiversity, ecosystem services, aquatic ecosystems, biological pest control
Italy, mountain area, Alps, Apennines, Lake Maggiore
Diptera Chiromidae, Decapoda Astacidae and Cambaridae
non biting midges, crayfish
Projects 1) SPAM project (within CIPAIS activities) - Alloctonous invasives SPecies in the Lake Maggiore basin ( 2) YES!BAT - Sustainable rice fileds: : Say YES! to bats ( 3) Water Framework Directive implementation ( 4) eCOST Action on DNAqua-Net: Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment and monitoring of aquatic ecosystems in Europe (
Online databases Macroinvertebrates from Italian mountain lakes (
Editorial assignments Journal of Limnology, Editorial Board
Reviewing experience Environmental Monitoring and Management, Biogeographia The Journal of Integrative Biogeography, Journal of Limnology, Limnologica, Knowledge and management of aquatic ecosystems, Journal of Entomological and Acarological Research, Biologia, African Journal of Entomology, PlosOne
Professional societies
Expert networks and working groups 1) LifeWatch - 2) Italian Representative for the implementation of the activities of the Water Framework Directive on lacustrine macroinvertebrates. 3) Member of Union System UNICHIM (Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione) for the development of standards and guidances on sampling methods and analyses of macroinvertebrates. 4) Member of CEN (European Committee on Standardization) for the development of standards for the ecological classification of lakes based on hydro-morphology. 5) Substitute member in the eCOST Action Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe 6) Member of the technical body CEN/TC230/WG2 "Water analysis - Biological methods co-ordination group" 7) Nominated expert by the Ministry of the Environment (MATTM) to represent CNR-ISE in the national working group for the development of a classification methodology to identify heavily modified and artificial lakes and rivers (Decreto Direttoriale Prot 0012226/TRI del 05/05/2014).
Professional social networks
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