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The Aliens Have Landed… and we invited them

The Aliens Have Landed… and we invited them

August 2018

  • $1.4 trillion a year: the estimated cost of mitigating damage by invasive species
  • Biological invasions impact every landmass and ocean on the planet
  • Invasive species are linked to more than half of all extinctions1

Humans are responsible for moving species around the world, primarily through trade and tourism. While some never do any harm, many take hold and become invasive, causing massive environmental and economic damage.

Despite the huge costs incurred by biological invasions the available information is often contradictory, fragmented and hard to find. Although many countries are taking some action to manage invasive species, this is often through post-invasion emergency measures to prevent further spread and limit damage. Access to comprehensive current and historical information is urgently needed to enable us to manage the impacts of biological invasions.

INVASIVESNET is a new online platform providing open access to data, research and debate on the global scourge of invasive species.

“INVASIVESNET’s work greatly facilitates global cooperation on research and management of invasive alien species”, said Frances Lucy, President of the International Association for Open Knowledge on Invasive Species, the global group of academics and scientists behind the initiative.

Anyone or group can join INVASIVESNET at: All scientific publications and data linked to INVASIVESNET are open access – that is, freely available to members and non-members alike. INVASIVESNET provides a free repository for any information on invasive species fr om any source. Members gain extra benefits including unique networking opportunities to connect with world-renowned experts as well as cutting edge news on invasive species.

Vadim Panov, Executive Director, says “INVASIVESNET connects all people and organizations interested in or affected by invasive alien species, with the current membership covering five continents”

Invasive species affect all of us, even if we are not aware of it. Introduced pathogens such as cholera, influenza and measles have caused more deaths than any natural disaster in human history. Invasive species threaten global food supplies through their impact on farming and fisheries, and can degrade water quality, alter environments and cause extinctions.

Everyone deserves a say in whether and how invasive species are inflicted on our communities. INVASIVESNET is your opportunity.

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1 Biological invasions are implicated in 54% of IUCN-listed species extinctions wh ere causes are known.

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