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Call for experts and stakeholders - best practices for humane management of vertebrate invasive alien species.

On behalf of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) we share this call for experts and stakeholders to participate in a EU-funded project on “Identification, assessment, sharing and dissemination of best practices for the humane management of invasive alien species”.

IUCN is leading a consortium of six partners to provide support to anyone across Europe involved in the humane management of vertebrate invasive alien species (IAS), through lethal or non-lethal measures, in order to strengthen the application of Regulation (EU) 1143/2014 on invasive alien species.

The consortium will organize eight workshops to bring together the local expertise and knowledge about vertebrate IAS for a specific region. These workshops are by invitation-only and space is limited. They will be facilitated by regional IAS experts and facilitators who will be subcontracted in the scope of the project. For workshop participants, the costs of attendance and participation in the workshop will be covered as per available budget.

You can participate in the workshop in one of the following capacities:

1. as an IAS regional expert: we are looking for local native-speaking experts with biodiversity and invasive species management expertise.

2. as a Workshop facilitator: these are experts in organising participation and awareness raising events who will assist in the preparation, implementation and follow-up stages of all the workshops as well as attend them.

3. as a Stakeholder participant: these include representatives of National Authorities; local competent authorities; trainers, supervisors and practitioners in the field; nature conservation agencies; animal welfare organisations; hunters; anglers; farmers.

If you want to be involved in the project and become a part of these local vertebrate IAS knowledge expert networks, we kindly ask you to fill in this survey:

The deadline for completing the survey is 15th May.

Please contact Catarina Ferreira (IUCN) if you have any questions regarding the project or the questionnaire:

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