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June 2019 issue of BioInvasions Records is now online!

No less then 30 articles reporting alien species from 22 countries in Europe, North, Central and South America, Asia and Africa are published in the second 2019 release of BIR!
In this issue.. 

The snails’ invasions! Read six articles on non-native gastropods recorded from all over the world: Japan, Spain, Argentina, English Channel, Hungary, and Lithuania

A new pest in Central America: the Erythrina gall wasp has been detected!
Migratory birds are the possible vector for the arrival of tubeworms in the Azores. 

A ten year history of the invasion of the carpet sea squirt in Rhode Island.
Invasions go vegan! Three articles reported news of the invasive water lettuce, brown and green algae

Citizen science delivers the first record of Goniobranchus obsoletus (nudibranchs) in Cyprus. 

A closer look at bivalves distribution ranges: Chinese pond mussel in Italy, zebra mussel in Canada, and American brackish-water mussel in Southeast Asia. 

Reports on an established population of the African clawed frog in China and the invasion of cryptic golden tegus in Florida. 

From prawn to shrimps: small-scale fisheries in East Africa found giant freshwater prawn, the seasonal occurrence of Palaemon sinensis in western Japan, the first record of Xiphopenaeus kroyeri in Egypt, and introduced decapods from Long Island Sound. 

Many reports on European alien fishes: presence of flat needlefish, Mediterranean parrotfish, large-scale loach and largemouth bass were confirmed outside their natural range. 

Going overseas: from island to continent colonization of the Mediterranean snakefly

Finally, a report of two Mediterranean Stephos species in the North-East Atlantic Ocean (France). 

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