International Association
for Open Knowledge
on Invasive Alien Species
We are inviting presentations on biological invasions in inland waters for the special session at the 34th SIL Congress in Nanjing, China from 19th to 24th August 2018. A brief outline of the special session can be found below.

Title: The past, present and future of biological invasions in inland waters
Abbreviated Abstract: Biological invasions are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity, particularly in aquatic ecosystems. Invasions are dynamic processes encompassing introduction, spread and impact phases. Thus, understanding of past invasion events can aid with the management of present invasions and prevention of future occurrences. Aquatic ecosystems themselves evolve via global influences, such as climate change, and more localized effects, such as habitat alteration, with associated consequences for aquatic invasions. Prediction of future impacts is gaining momentum in invasion ecology as effective long term conservation measures require knowledge of the past events leading up to current impacts and likely future effects. In this special session we aim to integrate past, present and future biological invasion events and impacts to gain insight into the steps necessary for successful conservation.

Please contact session chair Dr Kit Magellan ( for more infiormation.
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